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Welcome to August 2001 Rio Nanai and Pintoyacu Tropical Fish Collection & Study

I hope those of us participating in this expedition can get to know each other before the trip and share information  so that we are better prepared.   This should  make our experience much more enjoyable.

Message Board: George has put up a bulleten board for all of us to share information. You can find it at:

Peru Collecting Trip.

Packing List: In searcing the internet I found these two equipment lists. You may find them useful. I hope others can comment on these items and add/subtract as needed.

Packing list #1

Packing list #2

FREE TDS Meter - While they last!!!

Maps: Here you will find several maps of the area we will be traveling to.


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Requirements for US citizens to enter Peru

Iquitos, Gateway To the Peruvian Amazon

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